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Vein ablation

This is a procedure that treats diseased veins that are causing symptoms of pain, leg swelling, restless legs.

The symptoms are caused by diseased veins that are enlarged and the vein valves are no longer functioning effectively.

The diseased vein segments are carefully studied with ultrasound prior to the procedure. Conservative treatment with compression stockings, regular and frequent walking, and low salt diet is normally the first line of treatment.

When conservative treatment is no longer considered effective, a patient may be considered for vein ablation treatment.

  • Radiofrequency ablation – The diseased vessels are usually deep in the tissues and need to be imaged with ultrasound. A guidewire and a small catheter is inserted into the diseased vein. Heat is applied from the inside of the diseased vein with the help of radiofrequency, this will cause the diseased vein to collapse.
Varicose Veins treatment
Vein procedure
  • VenaSeal – A small catheter is placed inside the diseased vein, a medical adhesive is applied to the inside of the diseased vein which will close the vein. The venous blood will then find another pathway which does not involve the diseased vein. This treatment relieves symptoms of pain, improves or removes swelling in the legs, alleviate restless legs.

We offer these procedures in our office for your convenience.

You go home after the procedure. No hospitalization needed.